1989 adult contemporary music

1989 adult contemporary music

Listen to the best Christian music online. Choose from gospel, classic, rock, and contemporary Christian radio channels with unlimited skips. Tune in now! The complete list of JUNO Awards nominees, as well as past JUNO nominees and winners. The place to explore, filter, research, and browse the AllMusic database. Search albums by mood, theme, style, genre, editorial rating, year and more. Art in the Age of the Internet, to Today examines how the internet has radically changed the field of art, especially in its production, distribution, and reception.

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Adult Contemporary

In , Mike Marino of KMXB in Las Vegas described the format as reaching "an audience that has outgrown the edgier hip-hop or alternative music but hasn't gotten old and sappy enough for the soft ACs. Hot adult contemporary radio stations play a variety of classic hits and contemporary mainstream music aimed at an adult audience.

1989 adult contemporary music

Retrieved August 4, An AC radio station may play mainstream music, but it excludes hip hop , dance tracks , hard rock , and some forms of teen pop , as these are less popular among adults, the target demographic. Classic songwriting touches and organic-leaning instrumentation, often featuring string arrangements and horn charts, were constants.

1989 adult contemporary music

Listen to the best Christian music online. Tune in now!

Adult contemporary music - Wikipedia

Some Hot AC stations concentrate slightly more on pop music and alternative rock to target the Generation Z audience, though they exclude the more youth-oriented teen pop , urban and rhythmic dance tracks. Choose from hundreds of stations of free radio with unlimited skips. However, the Smooth AC format for the most part did not succeed: Whereas most easy listening music was instrumental, created by relatively unknown artists, and rarely purchased especially as singles, although Jackie Gleason 's beautiful music albums sold well in the s , AC was an attempt to create a similar "lite" format by choosing certain tracks both hit singles and album cuts of popular artists.

1989 adult contemporary music

Newer songs are more often but not limited to "easy listening" fare, this amount varying depending on the age of the station's target demographic. Find all of your favorite music. Adult contemporary has long characterized itself as family-friendly, but edited versions of " Perfect " by P!

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The Hot and Easy Listening charts became more similar again toward the end of the s and into the early and mids, when the texture of much of the music played on Top 40 radio once more began to soften.

On April 7, , the Easy Listening chart officially became known as Adult Contemporary, [12] and those two words have remained consistent in the name of the chart ever since. The soft AC format may soon be facing the demographic pressures that the jazz and big band formats faced in the s and s and that the adult standards and oldies formats have faced more recently, with the result that one may hear soft AC less on over-the-air radio and more on satellite radio and Internet radio systems in coming years.

From the end of the s, it became common to divide mainstream rock music into soft and hard rock, [6] with both emerging as major radio formats in the US.

1989 adult contemporary music

This evolved into specialized radio stations that played specific genres of music, and generally followed the evolution of artists in those genres. Soft rock and List of soft rock artists and songs.

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In its early years of existence, the smooth jazz format was considered to be a form of AC, although it was mainly instrumental, and related a stronger resemblance to the soft AC-styled music.

Modern adult contemporary can be a variation of hot AC, and includes modern rock titles in its presentation. In markets where they existed, Smooth AC stations were meant to fill a void for soft music created by the mainstream Adult Contemporary format's overall move toward more uptempo adult Top musical fare.

In recent years, the Smooth Jazz format has been renamed to Smooth AC, as an attempt to lure younger listeners. AccuRadio Online Radio: Free Internet Radio Music Stations.

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Unlike modern rock, which went after men, this format appealed to women. A large portion of music played on this format are either considered oldies or recurrent. The addition of major radio stars such as Dan Daniel, Steve O'Brien, Dick Summers, Don Bleu and Tom Parker made it possible to fully monetize the format and provide the foundation for financial success enjoyed to this day.

The adult contemporary format began evolving into the sound that later defined it, with rock-oriented acts as Chicago , the Eagles , and Elton John becoming associated with the format.

Adult contemporary music AC is a North American term used to describe a form of radio-played popular music , ranging from s vocal and s soft rock music [2] to predominantly ballad -heavy music of the present day, with varying degrees of easy listening , pop , soul , rhythm and blues , quiet storm , and rock influence.

1989 adult contemporary music

Collins has been described by AllMusic as "one of the most successful pop and adult contemporary singers of the '80s and beyond". Choose from gospel, classic, rock, and contemporary Christian radio channels with unlimited skips.

Adult contemporary music

This de-emphasis on new songs slows the progression of the AC chart. Archived from the original on Radio stations played Top 40 hits regardless of genre; although, most were in the same genre until the mids when different forms of popular music started to target different demographic groups, such as disco vs.

In addition, hot AC is another subgenre of radio programming that is distinct from the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart as it exists today, despite the apparent similarity in name.

Retrieved from " https: Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Several stations begin the holiday format much earlier, at the beginning of November.

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Retrieved January 9, Since the s it has become common for many AC stations, particularly soft AC stations, to play primarily or exclusively Christmas music during the Christmas season in November and December. Search albums by mood, theme, style, genre, editorial rating, year and more. In the s and early s decade , artists as sonically contrasting as R. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous.

1989 adult contemporary music

Popular music Pop music. The amount of crossover between the AC chart and the Hot has varied based on how much the passing pop music trends of the times appealed to adult listeners.

The consolidation of the "hot AC" format contrasted with the near-demise of most other AC formats: Urban AC is a form of AC music geared towards adult African-American audiences, and therefore, the artists that are played on these stations are most often black, such as Des'ree , whose album I Ain't Movin' was massively popular among both African American audience as well as the wider national audience.

1989 adult contemporary music

Better reflecting what middle of the road stations were actually playing, the composition of the chart changed dramatically. Retrieved October 3, Adult Top 40 and Adult album alternative. Diminishing physical record sales also proved a major blow to the AC genre, and there are concerns that the portable people meter , a device being used to determine radio listenership, may be incompatible with AC songs and may not accurately pick up that a person is listening to an AC station because of the pitches and frequencies used in the style.

The electric guitars are normally faint and high-pitched. For other uses, see Adult contemporary disambiguation. These Christmas music marathons typically start during the week before Thanksgiving Day and end after Christmas Day , or sometimes extending to New Year's Day.

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While these tend mostly to be contemporary seasonal recordings by the same few artists featured under the normal format, most stations will also air some vintage holiday tunes from older pop, MOR , and adult standards artists — such as Nat King Cole , Bing Crosby , Dean Martin , the Carpenters , Percy Faith , Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams — many of whom would never be played on these stations during the rest of the year.

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1989 adult contemporary music

Best-selling albums Best-selling artists Girl groups Best-selling singles Genres Honorific nicknames Glossary of terms. Adult contemporary music became one of the most popular radio formats of the s.The place to explore, filter, research, and browse the AllMusic database.


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