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Allowing the kids to use their cell phones in the school can mess up their education, they wont be learning instead they would be doing something besides learning.

Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school? | qlipe.com

Most to Least Replies: In doing this they become reliant on the cell phone than their own knowledge, so what happens when your phone breaks and you don't know how to do something?

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I find school difficult as it is, let alone having another piece of technology to worry about.

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Teachers don't want kids texting in class when they're trying to teach them important things. And to the students who can actually focus on their work while given the privilege to use their phones, good for them.

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Here is a list of 25 questions Believe it or not, a cell phone could save your life. Students need to get their act together in class and pay full attention to the teacher that is there. Children will be distracted by phones' ringing or flashes from other children taking photos with their phones. The teachers will have permission to go throw their lockers and see if their cell phones are off.

They distract others from their work.

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Yes cellular phone have it's purpose. Politics, both in the world and in the office. They feel that it is a matter of shame.

2 adult flash gmes

A job interview is like an open-book test: Again we all know that cell phones consists of different things such s calculator,net,maps,webs,camera music and so many other facilities.

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It can also be expensive to provide a computer to each student at school, so a good option is to use cell phones for research instead. The employees at a school say you don't need to use your phone to contact people but what if something happens like the school phone line goes dead? Also they could research stuff if needed if all the computers are in use. For an emergency they can call their parents or guardians but the cell phones will have to be in their lockers and cell phones did to be shut down.

If the teachers allowed students to whip out their phones in class and search for the answer that way, students will be more motivated and more excited to search for the answer.

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A phone is a great device. New to Old Created: Politics, both in the world and in the office.

2 adult flash gmes

You can text your parent and ask. Environmental Engineers University Enterprises, Inc.

2 adult flash gmes

You could easily snap a quick picture of the notes on the board or voice record all of the notes the teacher is saying. Students might play video games in class.

2 adult flash gmes

I don't agree because it will be to destracting, to loud ,not paying attention and cheating on test and quizzes.

Because you can download educational apps And easier Internet access.

2 adult flash gmes

And if students might need to contact a student in another class for something important, they can always contact them. Should condoms be made available to high school students?

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Phones should be allowed in school just simply for many reasons. Students can use calculators most likely not during math , stopwatches, timers, educational apps, the internet, and more with their mobile phones nowadays. Either studying with a boring book that is hard to understand, or playing an educational app that is still studying, but much more exciting. It's boring for teens to look through a book to find answers.

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2 adult flash gmes

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I believe that cell phones should not be in use during learning time because children would not fully concentrate on their work. I would say yes but the only time they will be able to use their phone will be during lunch after school and free play.

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The students can even be playing games, or watching something on YouTube. Featured Jobs View all featured jobs. The fact is that a lot of the people saying cell phones are good are kids who already use them in school or want an option to.


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