250cc adult dirt bikes used

250cc adult dirt bikes used

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On the same road as the entrance to the Landfill. I run with 3 vintage clubs here in SoCal, and luckily the mentality remains the same, except for the occasional modern rider that wants to try out VMX racing along with his tactics Saddleback Park was an area used for motocross, and in its hey day, was one of the most famous destinations for MX riders across the Southern California.

I would really like to find that old asphalt road What an exciting postsite!

250cc adult dirt bikes used

There were supposedly disputes between the park operator and the landowner Irvine Company. The bikes we rode were converted endures, but they were fun.

250cc adult dirt bikes used

Lets start up a network to see what we can find out. Its a sad state of affairs when there's nowhere like that to ride anymore. It was a great little spot and we had it to ourselves.

250cc adult dirt bikes used

The ground dropped away and tucked back into the hill like a huge wave sucking out and folding over on itself. Because of Saddleback MX Park, it helped me to become a sucessful business owner today.

My younger brother raced there, among other SoCal tracks, for several years.

250cc adult dirt bikes used

As I left the track that day I rationalized my decision. As I began my turn, I saw a bunch of riders to my left, all gathered up and so I went wide to avoid them. One of Marv's employees and best friends Everett Grant was watering a section of the course when the truck he was driving tipped over on a berm and he was ejected and crushed.

I have some pictures but if anyone has any of me please email me them please!!. It is in very good condition and ready …. Escape country MX track seemed to be a great place for the younger riders and in some ways was a better spectator track than Saddleback.

Only 5 hours have been put …. In a couple of years everyone know his name.

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Someone years ago on line, had an overlay of the Park to what it looks like now. In fact, I remember vividly the day Jim West died form crashing off the little jump right before the uphill run to Bonzai. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Marv Hendricks?

250cc adult dirt bikes used

The mini bike runs great and is lots of fun to ride. My mind was filled with terror and anxiety, the likes of which I had never experienced. I grew up in Newport and my dad used to take me to Saddleback about every weekend.

Saddleback Park | Orange County Memories

If you want to see some good memories and some outrageous riding,even in this days standards check it out. Enjoy it while we are here. By , Suzuki was producing 6, motorcycles per month and had officially changed its name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.

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250cc adult dirt bikes used

Any remember the Cagiva rider who owned the track? El Mirage ended up being our primary focus soon thereafter.

250cc adult dirt bikes used

Anonymous March 01, 4: I was running second behind Jerry Shore and with two laps left, I passed him on the inside line going up the left handed hill. Lets just round up all the blood sucking lawyers and send them on a boat ride so we can resume riding again!

So lets watch out we cant loose any more riding areas so be active and dont let them take anymore.Saddleback Park was an area used for motocross, and in its hey day, was one of the most famous destinations for MX riders across the Southern California. It was some of the best times of my life; I also rode at gorman back in those days but saddleback was the best ever!

250cc adult dirt bikes used

Joel would ride the cc race and then ride in the cc on his against Roger and the rest. I will include a riding helmet in the sale.

250cc adult dirt bikes used

Looking over some of these posts, does anyone remember climbing the Madder Horn? GoGocycles is the best place to find used, cheap scooters for sale.

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"Performance Offroad Vehicles for Work & Play" Discount High Performance Pit Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Quad Bikes, Dune Buggies & Farm Utvs for Sale. The reason for this is that it's only been …. Also rode the oil fields in Fullerton on a daily basis since they were so close to home. The first moped race hosted on the back track. Following the success of its first motorcycles.

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I went to foothill high-school from to Bonnie, I came across this post while searching for the Soap Box Derby that was in the area. Do you enter Irvine Pk and drive to the rear, where it backs up to Saddleback park?

Anonymous November 07, 8: I also would attempt the trials areas on my TM Unknown August 31, 9: I worked for engineering Co back when the toll rd drawings were submitted. Call us today at to know more about our services & products. I spectated several Trans Ams and other races in slack jawed fear for those brave enough to not only attempt to survive the decent but to be at speed throttling down that terrifying broken shale and sandstone feature! I had a honda 50 mini trail then work up to xr There was no one faster in the early 80'S than Goat.

It was a whole lotta fun!


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