411 adult

411 adult

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Emphasizes how human differ I motivational characteristics, the effects of environmental demands and stimulation, and the motivational processes underlying complex behavior.

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Topics include health and social wellness of urban populations; issues and initiatives concerning crowding; noise; wayfinding; crime prevention through environmental design; social design; and sustainability at the community level. Holidays mean fun and what's more fun than some Christmas party games? Students work on hours per week on independent research, meet with their faculty supervisor, and write a paper related to their experience. Examines modern day heroes or villains by surveying how individuals relate to others through acts of altruism, inaction, and aggression.

Search Directories Reference Tools. Includes case studies, empirical data, and theoretical explanations of personality disorders. Examines prevention, intervention, treatment, and step programs including those related to various ethnic and cultural groups. Includes role-playing and simulations and group participation.

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TPSYCH Psychology of Perception 5 Explores the psychological, biological, and cultural contributions to the perceptual processes mediating our ability to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Topics include perception, attention, learning, memory, metacognition, imagery, language, problem solving, and decision-making. Includes illustrative case studies, written critical perspectives of course materials, and interpretative analysis of major topics in the field.

Emphasizes an understanding of the important methods, terms, theories and findings in social psychology. Examines cultural, ethnic, and gender issues in relation to the production and consumption of food, as well as the neurobiological effects of certain foods on brain activity.

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Conducts research and assessments in the field of environmental psychology to understand better the theories, terms, and methods of Environmental Psychology. Surveys issues important to women's health, such as reproductive health, pregnancy and childbearing, mental health, and promoting women's health. Covers theories, methodologies, and research findings using a lifespan approach, which examines continuity and change from conception to death and the interaction of biological, psychological, and social aspects of development.

411 adult

Emphasizes social context as a way to better understand the psychological functioning of individuals of African-American descent. Topics include mental health, violence, male-female relationships, and cross-racial friendships.

411 adult

Covers topics including individual differences within and across groups e. Discusses quantitative and qualitative methods for gathering and reporting data as well as design, control, and the problem of interpretation and bias. Offers a critical and philosophical examination of the field of psychology and its relationship to other disciplines.

chapter department of public safety of the state of texas. Examines Buddhist perspectives on mind, self, and consciousness, contemporary research on mind-body processes, and how Buddhist-based approaches are applied in social science, neuroscience, medicine, and consciousness studies.

Students develop a reading syllabus, discuss the reading with their advisor, and write and revise an APA-style paper analyzing the readings.

411 adult

Covers the science-based evidence and implications of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Explores the history, theoretical explanations, causes, and consequences of family violence, including intimate partner violence, date and marital rape, elder abuse, and child physical and sexual abuse.

Evaluates coping process including relations with other psychological factors. Applies knowledge to modern controversies in sport and athletics. Examines how gender interacts with ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, and age in health and healthcare. TPSYCH Introduction to Psychology (5) I&S Surveys major areas of psychological science, including human social behavior, personality, psychological disorders and.

Topics include the structure and function of the nervous system, and the biological bases of sensation and perception, motivation, learning, cognition and communication, emotion, and mental disorders.government code. Evaluates the variables that impact human performance, including physiology, attention, motivation, development, personality, and group dynamics.

Includes both normative and descriptive theories of decision making with a focus on decision making under risk and uncertainty.

Applies these contexts to specific topics, such as cognitive development, identity, moral development, families, peers, and media. Considers selected topics at the forefront of psych-legal inquiry, such as eyewitness testimony, confession evidence, and implicit bias. Topics include arts and media representations, political involvement, language, identity development, and personal relationships.

Welcome to Dance No matter what level of dancer you are - beginner to professional - come explore the world of dance at Atlanta's most elite dance studio.

411 adult

title 4. Includes an in-depth look at how human beings develop moral sensitivity, the influence of the natural world on moral development and new moral issues created by emerging technologies. Emphasis on how gender and sexism interact with ethnicity, class, and age to influence women's understanding of themselves.

May also cover topics at the boundaries between attachment and other areas, such as culture or neuroscience. Introduces stress management techniques used to enhance stress coping.

411 adult

Covers the principles and approaches of community psychology, including attention to diversity and equity; social change; and community-based, participatory, and action research methods. Related topics may include sensation, perception, states of consciousness, thinking, intelligence, language, motivation, emotion, stress and health, cross-cultural psychology, and applied psychology.

411 adult

TPSYCH Tests and Measurements 5 Explores the theory, methods, and applications of psychological testing and evaluates the advantages and drawbacks of psychological testing in general, and selected tests in particular.

Focuses on the processes of human cognition that lead to beliefs, and emphasizes use of the scientific method to critically evaluate the social world.

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Emphasizes the coping techniques used by black women throughout history. Trivia games are perfect for a holiday office party and you'll find. Considers how parenting and parent-child relationships are shaped by contextual factors such as culture, socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.

law enforcement and public protection. Topics include environmental perception and assessment; dynamics of social space; effects of temperature, sound, light, and spatial arrangements in workplaces, homes, schools and neighborhoods; and social design.

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Topics include gender differences, images of women, motherhood, and violence against women. Explores importance of culture to understanding developmental processes and the political nature of developmental psychology. Topics include the foundation of health psychology, health behavior and primary prevention, stress and coping, treatment setting, and chronic illness. Topics include, sexual assault, sex offenders and survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and sexual predatory crimes, such as sex trafficking, prostitution, and child pornography.

411 adult

Having an office party? View course details in MyPlan: Emphasis is place on understanding vision and its role in action and perception. Focuses on change in theories of human development, the ways in which change is assumed to occur, strategies for managing change at the personal, organizational and societal level and the relationship between stress or social disorder and change.

411 adult

executive branch. Includes overview of teacher roles, classroom management, educational assessment. subtitle b. Issues include information processing theory, the link between memory processes and their biological underpinnings, autobiographical memory, implicit memory, and the effect of emotion on memory.


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