8mm adult film vidcaps

8mm adult film vidcaps

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If you have the series, go take a look.

8mm adult film vidcaps

Here is the list: I never would have guessed it in a million years. Rob says he can find the hole without glasses: Can this mild mannered scanner have known the starlets he scans in a more personal way than just through the magazines he scans? Find More Posts by cineasm.

8mm adult film vidcaps

I take this one again because it's not clear for me. They would be considered the producers, CCC the buyers.

8mm adult film vidcaps

The general consensus among us was that if this was what adult movies ) (army induction), Kameradschaft gauges of film (16mm, 8mm. Yes video as Rob owns it If you do not understand the term "chain of title" mean that Jmiss copyrights were sold to Windy City BBS from someone who had no right to do so I'll send you a quote if I have the book in stock.

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Check in on the other vintage adult glossy magazines New mags will be added as they become available. Is Bulgaria on-topic or off-toping in HR's group? Actually he appears in a lot of scan sets Manilla, Bulgaria This also can include any of his other girlfriends of the period, Christine, etc, etc as you can see him with in the different series.

Other than being real jealous of HR, did you happen to notice that while he blurred out his face, he does look a lot like the previously mentioned photo.

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If anyone else managed to get any more I'd love to see them. Check out the Christine series that HR appears in. So, if you don't see a quoted source, you can thank some behind the scenes source that does not wish to be recognized. Classic Pornstars Hardcore magazine models and adult film performers that started their career in or before.

Rob, is it true that you had something to do with her leaving the business? Color Climax always spent the bucks to make quality mags.

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We have no clue In hrL he and Tove are exchanging looks that indicate more than just a professional relationship -- they look like good friends having a good time actually, you can see this in a couple images. These videos circuated and were sold and resold My email is littered with this chaos now daily.

Robs crew never worked with her past this point Now you know the rest of the story. As most of you super-sleuths know, body hair patterns are almost as distinctive as fingerprints, so throw in a few of those images as well.

But if you see the video, the colors change several times, the original 8mm was only 8 minutes long and they editited with original cutted material back to the original 15 minutes.

Do you have it too?

One more step

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8mm adult film vidcaps

Tiny Tove Someone I thought at the time that it was Horny Rob but I could have been mistaken ran a series entitled "Farmyard Fun" that purported to star the mature Tove. It appears that Rob has just been laughing at all the folks who think he is just another scanner.

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Let me know what you're looking for. I found these in August and the website mentioned was already dead. He does not recall her name. Rob has alot of respect for all of you and this group and it showed by his willingness to be so open here. And look, in the lower right hand corner of the image on the projection screen, he's included a picture of himself instead of the usual Horny Rob logo.

8mm adult film vidcaps

By chance, it is also the first of HR's regular series scans hr Gosh he looks familiar doesn't he? Find More Posts by andmot.


Not everything is listed on-line. Robs been going down memory lane So, let's continue with the oldest known appearances of Tove. Very fertile ground with which to start hunting for clues, though.

8mm adult film vidcaps

Did you also note that there was information above Tove's on Anna and there was a message in Tove's section from Pidde that had information about Anna's movie shoots in Stockholm? Rob has agreed to answer some questions as long as they are not personal Allow me to fill in some of the blank areas for you. Let's get right to work.

8mm adult film vidcaps

I simply loved her, but more like a sister you like to protect. So, on to the second point. Most of my books are in Very Good or better condition, and I tend to overemphasize their flaws so that any surprise is a pleasant one.


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