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Find Adult Novelties in Abilene by Names and Numbers. Review business listings, maps, links, promotions, and more for Adult Novelties in Abilene, TX. Find Lion's Den in Abilene with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local. Categories:Adult Retail Store, Lingerie, Smoking & Tobacco, Bookstore. + Abilene + Addison Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn. BEST ADULT NOVELTY STORE: New Fine Arts © Dallas Observer. Abilene Bond Program. PO Box 60 Abilene, TX Walnut St Contact Us webmaster@qlipe.com About Abilene About the City News Releases Site Map Facility.

Don't have an account yet? If lipstick's not your thing, there are also a bazillion shades of lip gloss, eyeshadow, glitter, fabulous fake lashes and more practical items like waterproof foundation and concealer, and since the line is geared toward professional makeup artists, it's all super high-quality. They've got what you need. Different colored tags are discounted daily, so check back often to snag some killer deals.

And the silk-screened painting of Master Chief from Halo. Pick up a new book from Adult Book Store in Abilene and enjoy a lazy Sunday getting lost in your new qlipe.com the hassle of circling the block for parking and park. The glasses section is also on point, from those obnoxious neon shutter shades to the ubiquitous oversized black plastic frames.

Review business listings, maps, links, promotions, and more for Adult Novelties in Abilene, TX. So you head to Lula B's because what you want is something with some character to it, and a little age and a little attitude.1 review of Adult Book Store "Cool place, I really like the owners, down to earth people, always willing to have a conversation..

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Before you hit the road, it'd be wise to hit up this Mockingbird Lane emporium that stocks a glorious combination of outdoorsy essentials think hydration backpacks, space-saving super-absorbent towels, water bottles with built-in filters and bandanas in every color of the rainbow, for protecting your mug from those pesky dust storms and weirdly awesome stuff you never knew you needed, from octopus kites and faux-fur tails for your iPhone to metallic Birkenstocks and furry trapper hats.

They also have private viewing booths with dollar-fed previews, locking doors and couches that are surprisingly clean.

There's even a pet nutritionist on hand to help you figure out what Fido or Fluffy needs to look and feel his very best, plus an extensive selection of treats, toys, supplements and accessories from blinged-out collars to cushy dog beds.

What you weren't looking for was the armchair made entirely out of steer horns. This place has no actual dressing room, so come outfitted in minimal clothing you can slip that vintage beaded cocktail dress over. The three Dallas New Fine Arts locations and their sister stores Paris Bookstore and the gay-friendly New Fine Arts Alternatives adjacent to the Mockingbird Lane store pack an impressive array of toys, lubes and DVDs which people who haven't heard of the Internet still buy, apparently.

The store also offers makeup lessons, and they'll even record it for you on a USB drive so you can perfectly recreate the look at home.

And you've really, really been wanting a fancy, ornamental backgammon set for your coffee table. Kind of off for a place like this. Plus, the staff is nice. At least you didn't know you were looking for it until you saw it.

It's big, and isn't that all that matters?

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Readers' Choice Readers' Choice Contest. Seeing as how the skin is the human body's largest organ, we feel a little funny about slathering ours with a bunch of weird, barely pronounceable chemicals. For the most extensive selection of specialty and hard-to-find pet foods around, head to this friendly store, where you'll find everything from freeze-dried raw food imported from New Zealand to a display case of elaborately decorated dog cookies.

And the same for that taxidermy fruit bat mounted in a shadow box, the one that looks like a weird mix of a toy and a still-living thing. Forget the dresser — just grab as many of those sugar skull-shaped goblets as you can. It takes a lot more planning and preparation than you'd think to run around naked in the desert for a week. Or sign in with a social account: Best of all, they have a no-tipping policy, because when you're already spread-eagle on a table you definitely don't need any more potential awkwardness.

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The act of having hot wax applied to your most private of nether regions is a thing that requires some careful forethought; while a nail salon on any random corner can generally do a capable manicure, a Brazilian bikini wax should be trusted only to the utmost of professionals. Find Cloud Nine in Abilene with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local.

Get your ex to stop friend-requesting you over and over on every social media platform known to man? Need help mastering the art of the perfect cat eye?

Well, it's comfortable and easy to find, and it's ready to fill your needs at any hour. Preparing for the playa is serious business: And we're sure if you ask them they can tell you all about its proper, non-gag-gift use. Gallery owner Jason Cohen and his antiques dealer mother, Terry Cohen, teamed up several years ago to create a venue where all of the really cool stuff from junk and antique stores has already been eyeballed, culled and collected in one convenient location.

Find Adult Novelties in Abilene by Names and Numbers. You're the type of person who has no trouble dropping 40 bucks on fancy cheeses and organic mangoes, so why would you subject your four-legged child to generic food from the big-box pet supply stores? It's also, we're pretty sure, the only place in Dallas where you can buy a giant penis-shaped candle, in case you need a baby shower gift.

Most of us are more than capable of doing our own nails at home, so when we decide to splurge on a mani-pedi we want to be treated like the Disney princesses we aren't.

With that in mind, it makes sense to go to a place called Castle Nail Spa, where the friendly nail techs will ply you with the booze of your choice red or white wine or margaritas, if you're feeling especially festive and plop you in a massage chair while they get to work scrubbing, rubbing, filing and painting your claws in that perfect shade of glittery chartreuse. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. The ladies of the little purple house on Bell Avenue hand-make their candles and their dozens of herbal remedies and oils.

Plus, they teach classes in magickal candle-making to boot, all of which makes it a one-stop shop for your energy-correcting needs.

You need a dresser. The inventory ranges wildly from decapitated doll heads to religious icons. For a certain beauty-obsessed sector of the population, the answer to that is "more than you could possibly imagine. Includes Cloud Nine Reviews, maps & directions to Cloud Nine in Abilene and more from Yahoo. Need to banish negativity? Enter Waxing the City, where the cerologists — that's their fancy word for waxers — are just that: The bottom line is that an hour spent prowling these aisles will produce better finds than a whole day at an antiques mall.

There are even smoking rooms in case you and whoever accompanies you need a cigarette after you get done And other penis puns. The Healthy Living department at this foodie mecca stocks everything you need to take a more natural approach to hair and body care, from sliced-to-order slabs of soap and organic lavender-scented shampoo to pricey vitamin C eye cream and mineral makeup — as if you needed more stuff to add to your cart that's already full of artisanal gelato, chanterelle mushrooms and fresh-pressed mango juice.

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