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Enclosures and Supplies: Bearded Dragons are native to the arid desert regions of Australia, thus enclosures must be warm and dry. Below is a detailed list of. Senin, 9 April Manufacturing Hope 21 Saya berdiri di atas dermaga pelabuhan yang jauh menjorok ke laut. Saya hitung ada 13 kapal yang mengapung buang sauh di. I got a really depressing email last week that my Google Adsense account has been shut down! I received the same message for all of my business accounts as well; I no. May 26,  · Queen, that most chameleon-like or even dare I say it 'mercurial' of bands (damn that pun and the horse it rode in on), was as tough to pin down visually.

I just want to give you a sense of the scale of things to appreciate what it is that we do here:.

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Or maybe you haven't. I just finished beta-testing the new release. They are expecting roughly two thousand guests and this year's con will be better than ever before. In December, 4chan X was updated to first check a thread's Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers before fetching the page, which saves us bandwidth and server strain, but does not eliminate the issue entirely.

adbrite adult ads

It's incredible, if you ask me. Best Adsense Alternatives Posted on July 24, by forex4all If you've e-mailed me recently: We're back on board with YowCow. In the past 30 days, CloudFlare has proxied 1,,, page views from 4chan.

adbrite adult ads

I thought it inappropriate and incompatible to change 4chan solely because I wanted to work on something new, and so Canvas spun off while 4chan remained the same. I've put off writing this newspost for so long because I haven't been able to precisely articulate what I've wanted to say.

There's more incentive though. May 26,  · Queen, that most chameleon-like or even dare I say it 'mercurial' of bands (damn that pun and the horse it rode in on), was as tough to pin down visually.

adbrite adult ads

Numerous e-mails to the staff, including the con-chair, Sean "Hellbuny" Chiochankitmun, who graciously worked with us this past year, have gone unanswered. Below is a detailed list of. To that end, instead of scaling the team over the years, we've focused on making moderation more efficient.

I would guess that with debt incurred from the previous months of operation deducted from the total raised, enough money for one to two months was acquired. To those deriding us for "begging" users to unblock the ads:THE NEXT CHAPTER by moot - 9/21/15 @ AM EDT # Today I'm pleased to announce that Hiroyuki Nishimura, best known as .

You'll still be subject to the post timers and nobody else will know you're using a Pass—your posts will appear exactly the same. Enclosures and Supplies: Bearded Dragons are native to the arid desert regions of Australia, thus enclosures must be warm and dry.

DamageInc's extension has been updated to account for these new changes.'s weekly/monthly splash page. That said, I believe these additions represent a healthy range of new topics, and wish them the best. As 4chan's sole administrator, decision maker, and keeper of most of its institutional knowledge, I've come to represent an uncomfortably large single point of failure.

adbrite adult ads

It's been great to have a place to interact with the community one-on-one again, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through the feedback.

Another big change came in the spring of We've received a lot of requests for new boards over the course of this past year, and were unfortunately unable to honor them all. Implementing a form of user moderation that actually impacts the content of the board, separate from the current reports system, ranks high on the list of possibilities.

(Yes, a splash page is old fashioned, but it's been a tradition here since ). And that's a problem.

adbrite adult ads

Paying for a product or service is fundamentally different from a donation, while still accomplishing the same goal, and I view this as an acceptable compromise between the two models described above. But we've succeeded—4chan is still here, after all.

adbrite adult ads

Yet again, I must stress that we would rather eliminate money issues entirely, by collecting all that is needed to sustain the site on new hardware and bandwidth for at least one year. Many asked how they could donate, and were disappointed to learn 4chan does not accept donations. Today represents another radical change to our codebase, with the release of a full featured inline extension.

Passes that are used to spam or post illegal content will be revoked, and the payment will not be refunded. It took a month, but yesterday, we moved past the VN Boards and secured spot number five, with over They have many formats of ads to choose with.

adbrite adult ads

If you believe in this mission, I hope you'll consider supporting 4chan by unblocking ads and purchasing a 4chan Pass. The Adsense and ad words interface is so easy to use with.

But hey, at least I received a poorly written and evasive email instead of the generic babble I have come to expect these days! We pay for CloudFlare too. The journey has been marked by highs and lows, surprises and disappointments, but ultimately immense satisfaction.

The ad will only display once per day, per user, and only when an image thumbnail is clicked. As it turns out, fast has a downside. Soon, I intend to introduce a number of new boards to decrease the number of voids left in our current offering. Soon, we're going to be introducing two new banner ads on the imageboards. The "if" part is dependent on whether or not we reach our goal.

Here are a few things we discussed during the meeting:. Because of this, we once again urge that all users unblock ads from AdBrite. Unknown October 28, at 7: Honestly, I don't know what the solution is.

If you'd like to support the site, consider purchasing a Pass. What I want users to take from this gigantic pile of words is that I'm still here and excited as ever to be working on 4chan.

adbrite adult ads

Again, the purpose of this change is to be more consistent —not more overbearing. With 4chan's 10th anniversary just two weeks away, I'm reminded of a similar news post I wrote in As for donations and such, I do not have an exact figure as of now. To make that clear: On the heels of those improvements, last week 4chan crossed 1 billion total posts.


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