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Date: 2017-03-14 20:15

Practical Lambing and Lamb Care A Veterinary Guide

EBLEX BRP lamb survival guide: Preparing for lambing time

EBLEX BRP lamb survival guide: The housing environment

Care of the Newborn Lambs

Practical How to guides for livestock farmers

EBLEX BRP lamb survival guide: Health and welfare

Sheep Caesarian - difficult lambing, dystocia, live lamb born

Lambing 101 - Basics for Birthing Lambs

How To Deliver Breach Lamb

How to Clean Out Lambing Pens/Cubicles - FAI


LAMB CAM Farmer Neil lambing Suffolk ewe Good Friday 25 03 2016 10 21 29

Ewe lambing

Ewe in the beginning stages of labor

Monster Lambing

Early lambing at Harper Adams

Lambing a Ewe - GoPro Hero

Lambing at North Star Sheep Farm

A Night Shift Lambing 1800 Ewes