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Date: 2017-03-15 06:49

Digital Transformation for Retail

Transformations of Retailing in Europe after 1945 The

Digital Transformation for Retail

Empowering employees to take on the digital transformations within the retail sector

Journey to Best-In-Class: PeopleSoft FSCM Transformation at US Grocery Retailer

Session 3: Transformation to Customer Centric Airline Retailing

UK Lean Summit 2014 - Lean Retailing: Transforming Car Retail - Terry ODonoghue, Halfway Toyota

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Store Lifecycle Management - Trigger STORE TRANSFORMATION

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Andrea Delvò, IBM: Fashion & Luxury Retailing in the Cognitive Era - NRF 2016

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation in Retail

SUE WONG: Beauty. Magic.Transformation.

Nights of Azure Transformation Trailer

Lean Summit 2014 - Lean Transformations: Practical Next Steps

Sajal Kohli, Head of Retail at McKinsey, Speaks at Plug and Plays Retail Center of Innovation

Retail Transformation for CIOs How to Implement Architecture to Support Omnichannel Services

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